About Rachel
Licensed Counselor
Clairvoyant & Clairaudient
Angel Channeler
Past Lives & Karmic Release
Being a psychic is not just about being accurate but feeling connected to Spirit and my client's angels and trusting the information I am receiving is what my clients need to hear in order to find peace and balance in their lives.  It is my hope that what I translate to my client in words and in energy during the  session will benefit them and connect them to higher spirit as well as provide a sense of peace and clarity.
 I  hold an MA in Counseling from Adams State College (CACREP Certified) and am a Licensed Professional Counselor with 5000 hours of direct supervision. I have over ten years experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  I am trained in EMDR and DBT.  I have been psychic most my life and have spent the last ten years training with Beverly Anderson in Durango.

Professional Associations:
National Board of Certified Counselors
Psychology Today

I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you or your loved ones.

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