“Rachel compassionately and courageously guides people to their source of strength and support with a unique combination of logic and intuition. Her sessions provide a sense of spiritual guidance with simple, practical steps to guide clients out of the dark corners and into a sense of light and optimism.”  

  ·         ”I just want to thank you again for that reading. The timing was perfect and your insight was amazing. It's incredible how much energy has moved!”

                 "Rachel has a gift. Her readings are thorough, direct, straight to the point and compassionate. Her work is different than other psychics that I've seen in that she is a trained counselor and she uses her gift in a way that tells me what I'm supposed to hear.  I felt like something bigger than me, like higher spirit, was in the room with us and this is what I really was meant to hear to help me. It felt more spiritual than anything else and that was very comforting."

             “Rachel’s work is different in that she is a counselor and a psychic. So when you see her it is like being in a therapy session but getting to the root of everything in the first session. I felt comfortable  and safe immediately and she was very compassionate as well. She is committed to the healing process and is grounded.  With her psychic ability she can get to the bottom of things quickly and provide real solutions. Plus using her psychic ability she can answer any questions you have.”

"Rachel saved me a lot of money by advising me not to buy into a company due to it going under in the next year.  I now contact her every so often to gain insight for my business from hiring to marketing.  Psychic consultants can be invaluable to a company or individual.  And Rachel is professional and personable. "

·        In one session with Rachel, we discussed things such as my true nature,   hidden motivations and issues that prevented me from moving forward—all in the first session. I felt safe, supported and empowered. I walked away with new hope for the first time in years.” 
·        "My son was having many problems such as not attending school, depression, arguing with me and his father. After one session with Rachel he was like a different person. He was genuinely happy and returned to school and he wanted to do more sessions with her. He actually liked the process and we all benefited from it."
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